Power and Gas Purchase Agreements

We aim to simplify the complex process of renewable electricity and gas procurement for companies. To minimize risk and assure compliance, we support both producers and consumers - ensuring transparent and efficient negotiations.

About PPA and GPA

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are contracts between an electricity producer and an off-taker that enable the purchase of electricity at a predetermined price, off-take structure and tenor.

Gas purchase agreements (GPAs) are long-term contracts between a biogas or biomethane producer and a consumer, for the produced output of a predetermined tenure.  

These agreements help finance renewable energy projects or re-power existing assets. This way, you reduce energy dependence on non-renewable sources, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and stabilize
long-term costs.

Cost saving

As the cost of renewable energy continues to decrease, these tools can lock in an electricity price for the duration of the contract.

Environmental sustainability

By purchasing renewable energy, corporate entities can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. PPAs and GPAs serve as a way to demonstrate commitment to sustainability.

Energy security

PPAs and GPAs can provide stable, long-term energy supplies and thereby reduce the risk of supply distributions

Brand Value

These agreements can enhance your brand value and reputation by committing to a sustainable and socially responsible approach

Regulatory compliance

With PPAs and GPAs, you can comply with local and national regulations and avoid potential penalties.

We have an extensive network of corporate
off-takers that work with us in other markets and or products. This enables us to help developers find buyers for their electricity and gas in various industries and markets.


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