Carbon Offsetting

Voluntary Carbon markets provide an option for organisations that want to endorse verified carbon projects. With carbon offsetting, organisations can support different ecosystems and community services - while being accountable for their unavoidable emissions.

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About Carbon Offsetting

We are a leading partner in the voluntary carbon markets, with access to high-quality carbon projects within a wide range of registries and technologies.

Our team of experts will provide you with tailor-made climate solutions that will cover the specific climate and sustainability challenges that your company requires.

Due to the pressing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors, organisations are looking to optimise their processes and decarbonize their value chain. Despite their best efforts, there will be unavoidable emissions remaining. However, these can be accounted for through carbon compensation.

Carbon compensation can be achieved on the voluntary carbon market, which offers opportunities to support sustainable projects across the globe. Such projects range from reforestation projects to the distribution of efficient cookstoves to those who need them the most.

Why choose to offset your carbon footprint? 

• You can help organisations take accountability for their greenhouse emissions.

• This way, you reach global climate and sustainable development goals.

• Customer traction and improved brand loyalty among existing ones by enhancing brand and product differentiation.

• Offset projects support the expansion of brand awareness.

• It improves retention and attraction of employees


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Our offer includes projects that have been awarded different labels to acknowledge their effort beyond emission-related work.

These can range from their work with local communities and the protection of biodiversity to substantial contributions to different Sustainable Development Goals.

VERRA or VCS is the largest carbon offset registry.

Gold Standard (GS)
This is another registry under which high-valuable carbon credits are soldadditional requirement which is to involve affected communities in their projects.

UN CDM is the backbone and blueprint for all carbon projects. This registry cannot issue new credits from 2020.
Earth is the world's leading platform for engineered carbon removal. They have limited projects and also tend to work in more premium locations (North America and EU).

The Climate Action Reserve was launched in 2008. It is a USA based voluntary offsets program whose projects are implemented within North America.

A standard with a voluntary carbon certification programme that facilitates and guarantees the registration of Climate Change Mitigation Programmes or Projects (CCMPs).

Bio Carbon FundInitiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes (ISFL) collaborates with countries around the world to reduce emissions from the land sector through smarter land-use planning, policies, and practices.

American Carbon Registry
This registry only contains North American projects and was founded in 1996 as the GHG Registry, the first private voluntary GHG registry in the USA

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