Biomethane is processed and purified biogas- with natural gas qualities. This way, bio-methane can be injected into the regular gas grid. It is easily stored and operable without any modification to infrastructure, just like natural gas.

We help buyers and users transition towards fossil-free alternatives and support the road to net zero strategies.

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About Biomethane

Our services help producers of biogas to find the right buyers and users; we support the switch towards fossil-free alternatives. This provides the system benefits of natural gas (storage, flexibility, high-temperature heat) - without the net carbon emissions.

Its use offers a highly competitive, low-cost, greener alternative in heating applications, electricity generation, and transport. Biogas production also has the added benefit of reducing waste and improving the management of organic materials.


Biomethane is processed and purified biogas with natural gas quality. This can be injected into the regular gas grid. It is produced when bacteria digest organic matter (biomass) in the absence of oxygen. Two main categories of organic substances can be distinguished: Energy Crops and Waste & Residue.

Waste & Residues

Waste Residues include organic materials which are discarded if not otherwise put to use for biogas production. Examples include animal manure, organic municipal waste, and wastewater treatment sludge.

Energy Crop

Energy Crops include crops specifically designed for the anaerobic digestion process to create biomethane. Examples include maize, wheat, and sugar beet.


Organic waste

Compost manner

Grains on a field during sunset

Arable waste

Sewage by-products

Biomethane can help reduce your Scope 1 emissions.
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The following represents our certifications and major association memberships. These organisations stand as partners with which we work in close cooperation to achieve sustainable success.

BIP Europe
The BIP is an industrial partnership in which policy makers, industry and other stakeholders team up with the goal to support the achievement of the target of 35 billion cubic metres annual production.

European Biogas Association
The EBA fully believes in the future potential of renewable gas in Europe.

The European Renewable Gas Registry
The main purpose and structure of the ERGaR is independence, transparency and trustworthiness, and the members of the organisation come from all over Europe.

We are active with Biomethane in these countries.

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